Colleen Conrad, Fluglotse in Bremen schreibt:
I do have one dream– something that I would love see become a reality: In America there is a program called Big Sisters- it is copyrighted so the name would have to be different- but, the idea is a proffessional woman- takes a young girl as her little sister– and is sort of a mentor– The little sisters in America usualy come from poorer homes or from single parent households- where the parent does not have the time or the income to show the child things like art, opera, sport or science-

The Big Sisters job is to convey to the young girl that the possibilites in her future are open– and, that even with ten or fourteen years of age– she is in a position to begin to lay the foundaiton to make her dreams come true– through schooling and sport- The job of the mentor is to give the young girl new experiences, so she sees more inable to decide what her passion or calling in life is.

That I would love to see– that even young girls from poor families– are given the feeling that they are not powerless over their destiny– it doesn´t have to end with hartz4– or just any job–
that they are an individual with endless possibilieties that can be realized..